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CONDENSATION can be a nightmare over the winter period, luckily one mum has some brilliant solutions to tackle it on the cheap. 

Many households across the country have been plagued with damp and mould in recent months due to cold weather. 

It can be difficult to get rid of too, and there never seems to be an easy solution.

But a mum-of-three has taken TikTok by storm after sharing some incredibly easy and low-cost tips to minimise condensation and prevent mould. 

Nazia Ali, 30, a stay-at-home mum from London, lives with her three children aged four, three and seven months.

She often shares her top tips to make parenting life easier, which includes keeping her house nice and warm. 

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In one clip uploaded on TikTok, which has racked up 3.2 million views and over 63,000 likes, she carries out one of the hacks, before showing the results.

Responding to someone who’d offered up a tip, which sees you put salt near your windows, she showed off whether it worked. 

Nazia confirmed the salt had absorbed most of the water from the window.

She’d left it overnight next to the window and while there was still some water on the window, she quickly wiped it down and it worked a treat. 

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“I’ve tried out a number of condensation hacks on my page recently to show if they work,” Nazia, who shares her expert tips on TikTok, (@naziaxhome), told NeedToKnow.Online.

She continued: “One of them was a salt condensation hack, which requires you to place salt in a bowl next to the window and it picks up the moisture.

“I found this worked on the first day and was a super cheap, effective way to remove condensation, which I thought was great to share with my followers – especially during the cost of living crisis.

“It’s not so easy to fork out on expensive products now for many and condensation in winter is a very common issue.”

In a more recent clip, she tried another condensation hack suggested by her followers, where she started off by putting a small amount of washing up liquid on a cloth.

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This is then wiped down and she tells viewers to leave it overnight for the best results. 

The clip quickly racked up over 3.7million views and plenty of those who watched the tip left tricks of their own. 

One person commented: “I’ve got a dehumidifier which does help.”

Another person added: “Yes it works I did it last night and my bedroom window was dry this morning.”

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Someone else added: “Works. Use Johnson’s baby shampoo too, on my water goggles. Stops fogging on glass.”

Another one of her tricks includes using a flash mop to clean walls, ceilings and harder to reach areas and using a dishwasher tablet to make sofas sparkly clean.

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