I'm a cleaning whizz… my hack will banish gross yellow stains from your pillows – they'll come out sparkling like new | The Sun

AS they're used on a daily basis, it's no surprise most pillows are covered in gross yellow stains.

But although it might be tempting to just chuck them away and ditch the old pillow for a new one, there are simple cleaning hacks to banish this unsightly mess.

The best part? Not only are these tricks cheap but they also work with and without a washing machine.

How to get yellows stains out of pillows in the washing machine

Chatting to The Express, Joan Clark, cleaning expert at Tips Bulletin, shared a solution that uses white vinegar to remove the yellow stains stains.

She said: "To whiten yellowed pillows, combine the washing soda, vinegar, laundry detergent, and dish detergent in a small container and mix. 

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“Place the pillow into the washing machine and add the cleaning solution as you usually would during washing.”

Because this cleaner is thick, make sure to follow up with a second wash cycle and use hot water only.

“This simple but effective recipe is great for removing sweat stains from shirts or pillows.

''Eliminate yellow stains with ease and then toss the pillows or other clothing in the dryer.

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“Add a couple of tennis balls or dryer balls to the dryer, too.

''The balls fluff up the pillows while drying and provide even heating.

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''Dry the pillow on the air cycle or low heat setting.”

However, before trying out this hack, read the labels of your pillow, as some are not suitable for washing machine.

How to get yellows stains out of pillows without a washing machine

For those whose pillows require hand washing, wash it by hand with a mild detergent to remove yellow stains.

Joan advised: “To whiten pillows, fill a large tub with hot water and add a quarter cup of laundry detergent.

''To whiten yellow pillows that are heavily soiled, use a quarter cup bleach or quarter cup Borax.

''Avoid using boiling water to prevent damaging the fibres.”

Sharing her expertise, the whizz said you should place the pillow into the soapy water and knead it with your handsto allow the detergent to work its way through the material.

Once done, remove the pillow and hold it under cold water to rinse away all soap and dirt residue.

The cleaning guru warned: “Do not wring out the pillow to prevent damaging the microfibres.

''Squeeze the material gently to remove as much water as possible.”

If the care tag says to not dry your pillow in the clothes dryer, lay it outside to air dry and make sure to flip it every once in a while.

For pillows that are safe to machine dry, place them into the dryer on a low heat setting and add wool dryer balls or tennis balls to fluff them.

If you're not keen to use bleach, Joan recommended an alternative – baking soda.

She said: “Use the soaked vinegar brush to scrub the baking soda. Wipe away the dirty residue with a damp cloth.

“You can also add the vinegar to a bottle sprayer and spray vinegar on clothes and the baking soda.

''Let the chemicals fizz a bit and scrub with the toothbrush. 

“Baking soda and vinegar are a dynamite combination that eliminates all kinds of stains on a multitude of surfaces.”

When it comes to taking care of your pillows, the expert advised: “Make sure that you encase your pillows in a pillow protector as well as pillowcases.

''Change them once a week, along with your bedding. If your pillows get especially dirty due to excessive sweating or other causes, change them twice a week.”

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She also added: “It’s essential to clean machine washable pillows with a whitening agent at least twice a year. Always use the gentle spin cycle and rinse cycle when washing pillows.

''Use a dishwasher detergent or mild laundry detergent to spot clean delicate pillows as needed to prevent yellow pillows.”


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