I’m a cleaning whizz – my tips mean you can fake a spotless home and they only take 10 minutes

THERE'S nothing quite as annoying as when guests arrive to your house unannounced.

Sometimes, if they're feeling generous they might give you 15 minutes notice so you can run the hoover around, if you're lucky.

Luckily, cleaning and organising pro Caroline Solomon shared some of the ways you can fake a clean house.

Prioritising certain rooms is a must, since your guests are unlikely to wonder into your bedroom, starting with your living room is a good plan.

Caroline says to fluff you pillows, this will banish and creases and make the room look more welcoming.

Next, say says to "remove smudges from your coffee table with an all purpose cleaner."

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Wiping it down with a microfibre cloth will also help prevent any streaks.

For a bonus, the cleaning pro suggests straightening out any coffee table books you've got laying around.

Guests might also come into your kitchen, so it's important to give it a quick blitz too.

Cleaning the oven is a good place to start, Caroline suggests just cleaning the surface of the oven, since it's unlikely anyone will peep inside.

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Swapping out any dish towels for fresh ones will also instantly make the room look more fresh, she explains.

Finally, you can't forget about your bathroom, you never know if you're guests will want to use your loo before they bog off.

Having a clean bathroom mirror will make a massive difference, Caroline suggests using vinegar and water with a microfibre cloth to prevent streaks.

Refolding your towels will help give the illusion of a perfectly clean home, even if they're damp of not the most fresh.

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Not everyone was a fan of Caroline's fake cleaning hacks, one said: "That's not fake cleaning, there's actual cleaning happening."

Another quipped: "Shove and hide everything in sight. Done. Clean."

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