I’m a cougar – vital things to know before dating me… you’re probably the same age as my kids for starters | The Sun

A COUGAR has revealed the top things people need to know before dating her, including the fact that she has grandkids. 

Tara Gen took to her social media to explain what it’s really like as she appeared on screen wearing a black and white floral top alongside a tight-fitted skirt. 

With her blonde mane down in loose waves and a full face of make-up, she told viewers: “Okay, I guess we need to talk about cougars and the weird s**t that happens when you’re dating one.”

Sitting down, she then shared: “Okay, this one shouldn’t be a shocker to you but her kids are probably going to be your age or older. 

“…which can get a little weird, especially if you start getting a little more serious and you have to actually meet them.” 

She then revealed that the person she is currently dating is one year older than her second son and six years younger than her oldest son, who is in his 30s. 

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TikTok user @tara26000016 went on: “And it’s gonna get even weirder when they have to meet my grandbabies…

“Yeah, I don’t know what to do about that one.” 

Taking her shoes off one by one, she then said that there’s “one good thing about” her being a cougar. 

“My kids kind of realise that setting me up with older men isn’t really working and they’re pretty open-minded, so I don’t think it’ll be that weird,” she said. 

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She then promised to let the viewers know how it goes before ending the video. 

In another clip, she shared her reaction to her kids setting her up with someone her age.

“My Family… Super excited they set me up with someone my own age…” she wrote. 

“Me… Knowing I’ll never see this MFer again”. 

In the caption, she added: “I’ll give it a go. Seems to make them happy.” 

People were quick to comment as one person asked: “How did the date go?” to which she replied: “It was actually good”. 

Another said: “just play along with their idea until they FINALLY realize that you want a young man!!”

While a third added: “Amen, dating your own age is boring AF”.

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