I’m a dog whizz and you’re using the lick-mat all wrong, it’s boring for your furry friend and wastes food too | The Sun

IT’S A universally known fact that dogs absolutely love to play. 

Bring out a rope toy and they’ll play tug of war, throw a ball and they’ll speed after it or use a puzzle and they’ll frantically look for the treats inside. 

But one woman, a dog whizz, has revealed we’ve all been using these puzzles and lick-mats all wrong and it’s boring our furry companions. 

“In case you need to hear this, your dog doesn’t need this covered in spreadable food they can lick,” she explained while holding up a mat with small holes in it. 

She then produced a second mat, which featured larger squares, as she continued: “Or this, having every hole filled with chunky food.” 

Mrs P went on to explain that other toys that hold treats, such as rounded plastic ones or puzzles, don’t need them filled to the brim. 

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“Or to come up with amazing artistic creations… Unless that’s your thing,” she said. 

“Most dogs find it far more rewarding, even on a mat like this, to search and find the food.” 

Picking up the puzzle toy, she continued: “And in games like this it becomes boring if the food is everywhere. 

“But it plays more to their natural instincts to search and look for food if they have to uncover layers and find the goodies hidden within.” 

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In the caption, TikTok user @nofussfill added: “Make the most of your dog’s enrichment toys”. 

People were quick to comment on the informative clip as one person wrote: “Thank you! It’s hard for me to do it if it isn’t perfect!”

Another said: “Good point! Thanks for the reminder!” 

While others shared the clever ways they occupy their dogs as one person wrote: “I place multiple puzzles around my house like a parkour so they will not get bored from one puzzle”.

“I saw a great one with treats hidden in rolled up tea towels then tied together in a knot!” a second said. 

While a third shared: “I just throw a handful of kibble in the backyard for him to sniff out and he LOVES it and is exhausted after!” 

Mrs P replied: “That’s a great one isn’t it. They do love that, don’t they,” followed by a red heart emoji. 

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