I'm a fashion guru – 3 items in your wardrobe which are aging you by 10 YEARS including a particular type of jeans | The Sun

SOME pieces in your wardrobe rotation should be chucked.

Fashion enthusiast Tamsen Fadal revealed the three clothing items that are making you appear a decade older than you intend.

"Three things to get out of your closet to make you look ten years younger," Fadal began in a video.

"Clothes are an expression of who you are, and you should always be true to yourself when you get dressed, but there are certain style choices that I have found are helping me out these days," she added.

She then dove into the garments that you'll want to ditch.

The first thing on her list was clothing pieces that feature oversized prints. This could be found on items like blouses or maxi dresses.

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"Instead of those, keep an eye out for those smaller prints that could help take 10 years off your age," the fashion expert recommended.

Fadal also mentioned that you don't have to break the bank to find these smaller print pieces.

She said: "You can find these anywhere. From thrift stores to department stores."

The second item she mentioned to rid your closet of are dated/unflattering jeans.

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"We all have that pair of jeans that's 10 or 20 years too old and we're still hanging on to.

"Get rid of them. No mom jeans, no weird crops. Take yourself out on a date one day at a department store.

"Shut the door and try on as many jeans as you can, until you find the ones that flatter your shape, you feel good about, and you don't have to adjust too much."

The last thing the style guru mentioned to get rid of was anything with a boxy fit.

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"Style is all about proportion, and you deserve clothes that create a flattering shape and highlight your best proportions," she explained.

"Cause a lot of us opt for clothes that make the waist look smaller and the hips and bust look bigger, but the best thing to do is make sure it works for you."

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