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THE no bra movement has been grounds for women taking ownership of their bodies and how they present themselves to the world.

Whether you're making a statement by ditching yours or simply don't want to feel restricted by the underwear, fashion experts shared some ways to style your outfits sans bra.

John Smith, a fashion stylist based in Oregon, specializes in designing high-end leather apparel in an array of styles.

As a fashion stylist, he often has clients who are not fans of wearing a

Whether it's due to comfort, personal preference, or medical reasons, there are many women who choose to go braless.

Smith spoke to The U.S. Sun and gave his top recommendations for dressing in a way that is both stylish and comfortable, even without a bra.


"Many clothing items, such as tank tops, dresses, and jumpsuits, now come with built-in bras or support structures.

"This is a great option for women who want the benefits of a bra without actually wearing one," explained Smith.

This provides the necessary support and coverage while still allowing you to go braless.

"Look for clothing items with a built-in shelf bra or padded cups for added support, and enjoy the convenience and comfort of not having to wear a separate bra," he said.

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Smith said that layering is a great way to add dimension and interest to an outfit while also providing some coverage and support.

For example, wearing a loose-fitting cardigan or blazer over a fitted top can provide some coverage and support while still allowing you to go braless.

Smith added that you can also layer a camisole or bralette under a sheer top for a stylish and comfortable look.

"Strategically layering your clothes is a great way to feel confident and comfortable without a bra," Smith shared.

Embrace bralettes

If you're ditching a bra, Smith said a bralette may be a good alternative.

"Bralettes are a great alternative to traditional bras, as they are usually made of softer materials and offer a more relaxed fit.

"Bralettes come in a variety of styles and designs, making them a versatile option for women who prefer not to wear bras.

"They can be worn under clothing items like T-shirts or sweaters for added support or worn on their own as a stylish and comfortable option.

"Embracing bralettes can help you feel confident and comfortable while also providing some support to your breasts."

Opt for looser-fitting clothing

If you're not comfortable going braless in a fitted top, Smith suggested opting for looser-fitting clothing instead.

"Flowy tops, dresses, and tunics can be comfortable and stylish while also providing some coverage and support.

"Look for tops with ruching, draping, or other details that can help provide some structure to the garment."

Smith had a final word of style advice.

"In my opinion, the key to dressing comfortably without a bra is to focus on finding clothing items that provide support and coverage in a way that feels comfortable and stylish.

"By experimenting with different styles and layering techniques, you can find a look that works for you and allows you to feel confident and comfortable."

Fashion designer and illustrator Sunica, owner of SunicaDesign.com, also shared some tips for going braless.


Sunica said if you need some support but aren't a fan of traditional bras, consider adhesive alternatives like pasties or silicone nipple covers.

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"They offer discreet coverage and work well with a variety of clothing styles," she shared.

She also added that patterns, like florals or geometric prints, can
"camouflage any potential, ahem, headlights situations. Embrace bold designs that draw attention to your outfit and away from your braless state."

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