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A FITNESS influencer has been on a mission to demystify a damaging social media trend.

It’s a big ask, but with just under 100,000 Instagram followers, Danielle’s kale.themwith.kindness message is reaching a lot of people.

She is using her platform to reassure followers that all we see online is not necessarily an accurate representation.

Danielle understands more than most that the constant bombardment of images can be overwhelming and create unrealistic expectations.

So, with her slim and gym-toned body, she poses for the camera, but this time, it is quite a different image.

Her post says: “If you’re struggling with comparison on here, this is proof that what we see isn’t always what is true.

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“Posing, editing, lighting, angles, so much goes into photos on social media, magazines, etc.," she said.

Placing two images alongside each other, in the first she looks Instagram-ready, with not a roll of body fat in sight.

The second shot, however, is very different. Her shoulders are slumped forward and her belly hangs out.

It is not a photo she would usually post on Instagram. But Danielle doesn’t care.

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“I know it’s hard scrolling on here. But please take this as a good reminder that the photos we scroll past are not a true representation of reality.”

Ignore the constant stream of "beautiful people," she says, it is an illusion. Instead, love yourself.

“Please don’t get caught up in beauty standards, thinking you have to change to be more attractive and worthy,” she pleads.

“We have learned to believe our body has to look a certain way but it doesn't. We can be ourselves.”

She finishes with an affirmation: “You are beautiful, you are wonderful as your authentic self and your body is amazing for everything that it does for you!”

Commenters to the post loved what they were hearing.

One said: “Your posts are helping. The more I watch your content, the more I see that I am able to be more approving of myself when I catch a glass of myself at the gym.

Another said: "Thanks a lot for these reminders. I’m still struggling but your posts have been so helpful in accepting myself."

"Our bodies are our homes and they deserve nothing but love, a gorgeous post, Danielle," commented one follower.

Some showed gratitude: "Thanks a lot for these reminders. I’m still struggling but your posts have been so helpful in accepting myself."

And others showed respect: "You are so … inspiring. I admire. You very much."

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