I'm a frugal mum & there are four things I do to save money – & why squishing toilet roll is key | The Sun

WITH purse strings a little tighter this year due to the cost-of-living crisis, people are coming up with various ways to try and cut back on costs.

One frugal mum, who posts under the acronym @sweetfrugallife, took to TikTok and shared a video revealing the four "weird" things she does to save money.

First up, the savvy shopper advises: "Squish toilet paper roll before replacing."

Many were left confused as to how this would help to reduce spending, but another mum who uses the same money-saving tip took to the comments section to explain.

"I do this to my kids bathroom, because they are toddlers and if it’s squished they can’t roll out 746 sheets each time they go to the bathroom," she noted.

Next up, the frugal mum reveals that she "unplugs everything in use," before going to to note that she also "cuts the end of the toothpaste off to squeeze more."


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But it was perhaps the last piece of advice that caused the biggest stir online – "gift thrifted items."

The video has since garnered a whopping 361,000 views, with many taking to the comments section to discuss the four money-saving tips.

"Couponing is another way!!" enthused one.

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A second praised: "I’m a FIRM believer in thrifted gifts!! Especially if they’re in new condition. Whats the harm?!"

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A third agreed: "Thrifting gifts is the best for our planet! I appreciate a thrifted gift so much as well."

Meanwhile, a fourth urged: "Let’s normalise thrifting gifts omg!"

However, not everyone was a fan of the present-giving idea.

"I would hate to get a thrifted item as a gift," admitted one. "Don’t bother!"

A second agreed: "Just make sure people are OK with thrifted gifts! I would NOT be but it’s great if people don’t care!"

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