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GROWING and maintaining plants in the garden can be a difficult task to undertake, especially if you’re not sure which plants love and hate the sun.

But thankfully, one pro has come on the scene to make your life easier as he’s listed the best plants and flowers to pair together in the shade.

“Today I’m going to help you tackle the shade garden with 5 perennial pairings that are going to dazzle you in spring and keep you giving you colour throughout the summer,” he told viewers as the video started.

He then picked up a pair of lime-green plants called Hosta ‘Dancing Queen’, which he said has “brilliant gold foliage season through”.

The expert paired this with a red Dicentra ‘Valentine’, explaining that it makes the colour of the flower pop well for the garden.

He continued: “The next combination is the Japanese Painted Fern,” which has silver and purple highlights, “with the purple Epimedium ‘Merlin’”.

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“You can see that’s a great combination with the lilac flowers and the purple-tinted foliage,” he added.

He then shared a pairing of the Heuchera ‘Twist of Lime’ and Pulmonaria ‘Trevi Fountain’, which both thrive in the shade.

The flower starts off pink and fades into a “rich blue that the Hummingbirds absolutely adore”.

“Our next pairing is the Brunnera ‘Alexander’s Great’ a perennial forget-me-not with silvery leaves and blue forget-me-not flowers,” she went on.

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“And we’re pairing it up with an All Gold Hakone Grass”.

The final pairing on his list was the Corydalis ‘Royal Purple’ with the Autumn Fern, which he said was a “nice combination”.

In the caption, TikTok user @amsterdamgardencentre wrote: “Some of you have been asking for a shade garden video for almost a year!

“Well, our woodland and shade perennials section is looking [perfect], so there is no better time than now to show you some options.”

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “Love these! More please”.

Another shared: “This is so helpful! My evergreens and red alders are lovely but so much shade!”

While a third added: “I’m in the UK but this is so helpful”.

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