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IT might seem like summer is a long way off, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start prepping your garden. 

To make sure your outside space is looking lovely when the sun makes an appearance, you have to put the work in in the early months of the year. 

While January is dedicated to planning and making sure plots are prepared, February is when you can start sowing seeds and organising what you will be planting. 

And on hand to help is Josh Novell – Director of Polhill Garden Centre in Sevenoaks, Kent. 

He has put together a list of plants and vegetables to consider in the coming weeks, as well as some handy tips on how to make sure they grow to their full potential. 

Josh explains: “February is a really great month to start sowing your bedding plants under cover in time for warmer spring and summer days. 

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“By sowing seeds in the lead-up to spring you can get more from your plants, allowing you to enjoy blooms and vegetables for a larger portion of the year.”

He also notes that if you have a greenhouse, it’s time to take advantage, as you can sow the seeds and then take them out to bloom later on.

The green-fingered expert continues: “If you have a greenhouse, now is the perfect time to sow flowers for spring-summer blooms, as well as several varieties of vegetables which you can then bring outside in warmer months. 

“For those without one, warm conservatories and well-lit window sills work very well, too. 

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“In addition, February presents several opportunities to sow some seeds straight into the ground, and cover them with cloches or blankets until the frosts stop.”

He then went straight into the list, starting out with which flowers to invest in that will make your garden stand out in a few months’ time. 

Josh highlights Geraniums, Petunias, Nicotiana and Sweet Peas as ones to look out for. 

Here, he explains what to do with each, plus the conditions in which they’ll come into their own. 


Speaking about Geraniums, Josh says that the colourful favourite can be “planted in garden beds, as well as in containers and hanging baskets.”

He adds that they are “best planted in moist but well-drained soil.”

Therefore, gardeners need to “ensure seeds are spread apart so they have room to germinate.”

The next step is to “cover them with a layer of compost and then water using a mister.”

His final tip is to “plant geraniums inside in a greenhouse or warm window-sill in February and bring them outdoors in mid March/early April or when temperatures are warmer.”

February is a really great month to start sowing your bedding plants


Meanwhile, Petunias – commonly seen in pink and white –require large plant pots or open grounds. 

That’s because they “need a lot of room to grow”, so it’s important to “make sure there is plenty of space in the soil.”

Josh explains that Petunia seeds also need “moist but not damp soil” and “lots of light”. 

He adds: “Do not cover them with any layer of compost and keep them in a very well-lit area, such as a South-facing window if you have one.”

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The third plant to focus on this February is Nicotiana, which Josh describes as “a lovely high-flowering herbaceous plant, which blooms all summer.”

He continues: “It adds much-needed height to gardens, so is best planted somewhere where it is able to gain this, such as in flower beds or large plant pots.

“Nicotiana needs to be sown thinly, in dry-moist soil. 

“It is helpful to mix a teaspoon of sand with the seeds before sowing them, as this will help to prevent overcrowding after germination.

“Nicotiana is best sown in growing cells or small pots. Do not cover seeds with compost once sown as, like Petunia, they need plenty of light.


Last, but by no means least, the bright Sweet peas should “be planted in shady areas of gardens or outdoor areas.” 

Josh continues to explain: “They are best suited to flower beds and borders, but also grow well in hanging baskets and containers. 

“Sow sweet pea seeds in a narrow, tall pot, as they need plenty of depth for their roots to grow. 

By sowing seeds in the lead-up to spring you can get more from your plants

“Sow seeds with a good amount of space between them in moist compost, then place a layer of compost on top and water.”

He adds that Sweet peas can only be taken outside when the winter frost is gone. 


Gardening fans won’t want to miss out on getting their vegetable patch in great order too. 

Josh says: “There are so many options for vegetables to plant in February, meaning it doesn’t have to be the quiet month many of us imagine.

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“Try sowing some of the below for spring and summer harvest.”

He then lists a wide array of options, including Broad beans, Sprouts, Carrots, Onions, Parsnips.

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