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WINTER might be over but that doesn't mean we've seen the last of the rain and wind just yet.

Spring showers can destroy blooms if gardeners don't take a few vital steps to protect them.

Luckily, you don't need to do a lot to keep your garden safe from harsh weather conditions, as the pros at Greenhouse Sensation explained.

Keep potted plants safe

If you've got a greenhouse it's a good idea to move any potted plants inside to protect them from the elements.

Failing that, moving them closer to walls or fences will offer some much needed shelter.

The temperature generally won't drop low enough to need protections fleeces this time of year, but they're still good to have on hand.


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Move garden furniture and ornaments

When the weather's especailly windy and rainy garden furniture and ornaments can be flung around, landing in flower beds and knocking plants over.

Make sure you ornaments are moved inside or properly secured to stop this happening.

It might seem obvious but even pillows from lounge chairs can destroy plants if they land in the wrong place.

Protect bedded plants

"The wind can dry out the ground around your bedded plants, so make sure the plants are well hydrated before the storm hits," the gardening pros explained.

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If there's rain forecast you can skip this step, but it's still good to keep and eye on the moisture level before or after wind and rain.

You can also use an embedding cloche to support bedded plants, there are also cheap hacks you can try out, like using old milk cartons.

Use plant supports

Plant supports will stops more delicate blooms from falling over during heavy rain and wind.

The gardening pro recommended soft tie supports or string to keep everything in it's place.

String can cut into plant stems if it's too tight, so make sure there's some wiggle room for new growth.

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