I’m a hair expert… here are five things you’ve been doing wrong and why you should only wear a bun once a week | The Sun

A HAIR whizz has revealed the five things to never to do your locks – and it's bad news if you're always rocking the sleek bun look.

Taylor Rose is a certified trichologist – a person who studies and treats the hair and scalp – and regularly takes it to TikTok to share her expertise and tips.

Now the whizz has uploaded a video revealing the most common mistakes people make when it comes to styling and looking after their hair.

Model bun

The first big no-no, as she claimed in the viral clip, was wearing the trendy model bun on a regular basis.

Although the hairstyle has become extremely popular, particularly on the runaways and on our Instagram feeds, having your hair pulled back in a sleek bun or a chic ponytail can cause damage in the long run.

''This can lead to Traction Alopecia and receding hairline.''

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Most of us rely on tight hair elastics to keep the locks tucked away from our face – and gym bunnies will knowjust how important it is to always have one on hand.

But similarly to having your hair in a sleek ponytail, it's all about balance, and you shouldn't use these too often.

The whizz explained: ''Elastics can cause Traction Alopecia and breakage in the middle of the hair shaft.

''Opt for a silk scrunchie instead.''

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Swimming with dry hair

With summer now in full force, most of us are looking forward to a holiday – whether it's a short getaway in Europe or exploring the tropical weather somewhere in Asia.

And no holiday is a holiday without jumping into a swimming pool to cool down from the high temperatures.

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But here, Taylor pointed out, it's important to have your hair wet before going for a swim in chlorinated water.

''Your hair is a like a sponge so if you don't first saturate it with clean water, it will absorb all the nasty chlorine pool water.''

Sleeping right after shower

Let's admit it – after an exhausting day full of adult responsibilities the last thing on your mind is taking a shower and then drying your locks.

However, as tempting as jumping straight into bed after a relaxing bath or shower might be, it's best to spend those extra few minutes and blow dry your hair.

''Hair is in its weakest state when it's wet.

''Sleeping with wet hair can literally cause so much damage to your strands.''

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Blow dry immediately after showering

According to Taylor, beauty lovers should wait a little before blow drying their locks after showering.

''Let your hair dry 80 per cent of the way before blow drying it to avoid damage.''

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