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THERE’S nothing better than the gorgeous bouncy look you're left with after having your hair blow dried at a salon. 

But given the cost, it’s a luxury most of us can only afford to splurge on every once in a while. 

Luckily, one canny influencer has shared her genius hack for achieving a “fake blow dry” using nothing but a pair of hair straighteners. 

So if you’re after stunning tresses without leaving the comfort of your own home, you might want to listen up. 

Alex, who posts on TikTok using the handle @AlexxColl, is a gorgeous fashion influencer who regularly shows off her uber-chic outfits to her 390k followers. 

And in a recent video, the savvy creator shared how she gets her locks looking luscious without the help of a professional. 

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“Before you start,” Alex reminds viewers at the start of her clip, “don’t forget the heat defence spray.” 

Demonstrating on her own barnet, the blonde beauty advises fans to “first, split your hair into a top and bottom half, then split the bottom in half again and bring both sections to the front”. 

Alex likes to style from the back to the front, so begins by taking a small clump of hair from the nape of the neck. 

“Take your hair straightener,” the beauty whizz continues, “and curl your hair under and back on itself.” 

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According to Alex, “the slower you do this, the more defined the curl will be”. 

“Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, but make sure the ends of the hair are curled.” 

You want to repeat this step on small sections until the bottom half is all done, before setting in place with hairspray. 

Next is the top layer, and Alex explains you want to take small sections again, but “this time curl your hair towards your face”. 

If you’re not sure you’re doing it right, keep in mind your thumb should start facing forwards, and slowly rotate round to the back. 

“For the last couple of pieces near your face,” the influence explains, “go back to curling them under.” 

After completing your whole head, you want to set the soft ringlets with hairspray again. 

The final step is to take a wide-toothed comb, and carefully brush them out. 

“The fluffier the better!” Alex exclaims. 

She then shows off the final result: a jaw-dropping voluminous look that looks as though it’s salon fresh. 

The how-to received almost 130k views, with TikTokers delighted that they could achieve a professional-looking effect in a matter of minutes. 

“Love this Alex,” hair brand Cloud Nine commented underneath the clip. 


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“Sooo good,” another fan gushed. 

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