I’m a hairdresser & this is why I only wash my hair every EIGHT weeks – it’s mad people shampoo it every day

A HAIRDRESSER has revealed that instead of carefully shampooing her hair every few days, she actually does it every EIGHT weeks.

Stylist Michelle Dennis claims the reason people have over-dry ends or oily hair is because they are “over-washing” their locks.

In a TikTok video, the mum-of-three said: “I can go without washing for 8 weeks!”

She then shared her tips for “training” your hair to not need a frequent wash.

Firstly you need to start pushing your “wash day” to the next day or two.

She added: “Then you need to persist and keep going with those extra days for a few months.

“& just keep going slowly over time adding an extra day.

“Once your hair has adjusted… add or alt an extra day for at least six months.”

Michelle explained that the process can take from months to years and “patience and persistence” is key.”

The hairdresser says she has over 23 years of experience and is a colour technician and balayage expert.

Many people were quick to comment on her TikTok video, with one insisting: “Once a week for me.”

Another added: “Can’t get more than 10 days atm… just start to feel nasty.”

And a third wrote: “I’ve gone from washing my hair daily to once a week and I can feel a difference.”

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