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WE all know that feeling when you walk into a room and it just screams tacky and most of the time it's bad choices on the décor that give us that ick.

Belinda Botzolis is an investment consultant and knows a thing or two about homes. She believes there are a few mistakes you could be making which are devaluing your home. 

Belinda took to TikTok to share three errors that could be making your home feel cheap and what she would do to fix it. 

First off she says we need to bin any fake plants.

“Fake plants can make your house feel really cheap so get rid of them and replace them with real plants they can make your house feel a lot more expensive and luxurious.”

Interior whizzes often rave about low maintenance plants that will elevate your home and spider plants, Sansevieria or cacti regularly are the top choices.

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Next, Belinda turns her thought to how homeowners should avoid budget lighting and always replace them with quality fittings. 

She said: “Don't use budget lighting, use quality lights because the right lighting can make a room feel a lot more expensive.” 

Lastly, when it comes to bathrooms don’t mix and match the colour of your taps and bathroom accessories.

Belinda says: “In the bathroom nothing worse than having different colour tap ware to the accessories.”

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“Make sure that the accessories and the tap ware are the same colour to make the bathroom look a lot more expensive.”

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“While you're at it match your tapware and door handles.”

Belinda’s video gained over 50,000 views.

But it seemed many viewers didn’t agree with Belinda’s ideas. 

One user said: “Oooo Bel, I gotta disagree with 2 of these. Mixed metals can work if done right and quality faux plants don't look cheap.”

Another said: “A lot of actual interior designers mix metals, it looks great.”

A third commenter said: “I have fake plants because my cat eats real ones.”

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