I’m a hot grandma in my 40s – men say I have ‘beautiful thick legs’ and want to be my ‘king’ | The Sun

A SELF-PROCLAIMED hot grandma shared her assets with her social media fans.

People are loving the way she looks, some complimenting her on her physique.

In one of her videos, the hot grandma (@babylit8098) had a stylish platinum blonde pixie cut.

She donned a jean vest along with black leggings that accentuated her figure.

She ended the clip off by sticking her tongue out.

"Just a lil toxic….but you gonna love it over here," she added in her caption.

People left her loads of compliments.

"Stunning," one person said.

"#LawdHaveMercy," added another.

"Hello beautiful," a third said.

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In another video, she had on a short black bodycon dress and black sneakers.

Sat on a bench, she looked completely unbothered.

"Sweet Jesus," someone commented.

"Looking tasty in that black," another commenter said.

"I need to be your king," an additional person said.

And a final person appreciated her physique when they wrote "gorgeous, nice beautiful thick legs."

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