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THE COST of running appliances is pricier than ever with huge boosts onto our energy bills this winter.

With that in mind, we're all looking for ways to tighten our belts and avoid spending more than is strictly needed.

The good folk at Good To Know have gathered expert tips to help us all dry our clothes without the dryer – and if it means we have to fork out less for electricity, we're here for it.

As the days get colder there are plenty of better solutions than just hanging your clothes outside on the line.

But the pros warned against just chucking them on the radiator as you can find yourself with a lot of excess moisture in your home that can lead to damp.

Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design at luxury towel and bed linen retailer Christy, said: "If you’re hanging your laundry to dry inside your house and using different rooms to do so.

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"Having a washing routine is key to being organised and allowing your home to still feel like a warm and welcoming environment – without it feeling like a laundrette!"

Cleaning expert Karl Huckerby, from cleaning equipment company Spare and Square, had a cheeky towel trick up his sleeve.

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He said: "Roll your clothes into soft, dry towels to absorb the excess water. This is more beneficial if you use one towel per item of clothing, but if you're short on towels you can roll up multiple items of clothing at a time." 

Another pro tip was to take advantage on any sunny days or bursts of sunshine that break out through the winter months.

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Cleaning expert with MyJobQuote Sarah Dempsey, said: "Try to position your damp washing close to an open window or somewhere that provides good air flow."

Another expert tip is to make the most of the washing machine by putting it on the most intensive spin cycle before it finishes.

Karl said: "This will help to wring moisture out of your clothes, and will make air-drying them much easier and quicker."

It's also a good idea not to overload the washing machine as this can mean clothes come out still sopping wet.

The final piece of advice from the experts was to time your washing so that you're doing it first thing in the morning.

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This means your garments will have longer to dry as it is warmer and more likely to be sunny in the daytime.

Lucy Ackroyd said: "I recommend washing your bedding first thing in the morning – remember to keep in mind that the higher your thread count, the longer it will take to dry so this may impact where you choose to hang your damp washing."

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