I'm a makeup whizz and you've been cleaning your makeup sponge all wrong – the correct way doesn't use any soap | The Sun

A MAKEUP whizz has revealed that you're cleaning your makeup sponges all wrong.

Cleaning a makeup sponge is no easy task and everyone has their own way of doing it.

But because of how dense they are you never know if you're really doing a good job.

Luckily, a makeup whizz has shared a video on TikTok instructing you what to do to get it cleaned up properly – and what you should avoid.

First up, she reveals you should avoid running it under water to try and get it clean.

Especially with any kind of hand soap as it will not penetrate the sponge deeply enough to clean it.


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Instead of running water over your sponge, fill a bowl with boiling water and add washing up liquid and olive oil.

Then you can let your sponge soak in the bowl to get rid of any makeup and bacteria.

The olive oil will loosen the makeup while the washing up liquid gives it a thorough clean.

The post seemed to gather a large response from beauty lovers, with some agreeing it was the best method and many revealed their own ways of cleaning them.

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One wrote: "Hot water and washing up liquid DOES work! My sponges are squeaky clean every time!"

Another added: "I put mine in a sock then chuck in the washing machine."

A third commented: "Or just take dishwashing powder and dishwashing soap with water and the sponges and let sit for an hour and they'll be good as new."

Meanwhile, a fourth person said: "Pro tip: I use a bar of soap and it gets it clean every single time."

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