I'm a mum & am on a tight budget for Christmas – Primark have the best gifts & they're all under £10 | The Sun

WHEN it comes to buying Christmas presents, there's always that one person who is particularly hard to buy for.

Whether they're fussy or have everything, you can spend hours searching, only to be none the wiser.

But if that person is your mum, then look no further!

One mum, who posts under the acronym @MrsClareHoops, has taken to TikTok and revealed gift ideas that she'd be happy with this December 25.

And the best part? They're all under £10 from Primark.

In the clip, Clare begins: "We're on a really tight budget for Christmas as a I know many of you are.


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"I was out in Primark and came up with some ideas I could give my kids and I thought, do you know what? You might want to use them for your mum, too.

She then goes on to reveal the gifts she'd be "really, really happy to receive."

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'I loved these hot water bottles and they were only £4 – I thought that was an absolute bargain and I'd really like one of those if my kids are watching," she says.

Clare continues: "This makeup bag was so fluffy and this was £5 as well…I actually loved the colour.

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"I'd be really happy to get that for a Christmas present."

Next up, she's seen going over to the candle section.

"Primark just do the best candles ever and these are £2 or £3 – £1 some of them," she enthuses.

Moving on, Clare then recommends the £8 scarf that looks just like £240 designer version from Acne Studios.

"This is definitely the most expensive," she says.

"These were £8 and I've got one of these and love the scarf."

The post has since racked up thousands of views and been inundated with comments from delighted social media users.

"Primark scarfs are so underrated. I have a really smart plaid and houndstooth one that i got in 2015. Still lovely and soft and warm and stylish," wrote one.

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A second enthused: "Yas!! I might get a present this year!

"She's only 12 and I will need to pay for them but I can give her cash and send her into Primark! Job done!"

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