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A PAEDIATRICIAN has revealed the five things he'd never do with his own child.

The expert, who is from the UK and posts under the acronym @punjabikidshealth, took to TikTok and shared an informative video aimed at other parents.

In the clip, he begins by explaining that if his child is having a hard time leaving a friend or relative's house, he'd never say " bye I'm going now, you stay here."

Instead, he says: "There are better ways to support this transition."

"A child should never feel that you would threaten to abandon them. Rather, you emphasise how important it is that you leave together and that you enjoyed the time that you did have there."

Second, he warns to never routinely use daily multivitamins.


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"Unless there's a nutrition deficiency known, daily multivitamins are typically a waste of time and money," he explains.

"Encourage a healthy, well-balanced diet and talk to a dietitian or physician if you're concerned about a specific deficiency."

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Moving onto his third thing to avoid, the expert notes how he'll never
force his child to eat more than his wants.

"Forcing your child to eat past the feeling of full makes meal times stressful and teaches them to override their natural instincts and is related to obesity and overeating down the road," he explains.

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The paediatrician continues: "Four, I'll never give antibiotics or cough syrup for a simple cold."

For a simple, viral cold or cough, rest and fluids and perhaps an ibuprofen are efficient."

"Cough medications are not recommended for children under aged six and can be dangerous and antibiotics should only be used if recommended by a physician for a bacterial infection."

Finally, the expert goes on to say how he'll never use a jolly jumper.

"These suspension type harness toys are associated with injury and they don't improve gross motor milestones and may cause children to have tight ankle tone, leading to issues with balance and prolonged toe-walking as well," he says.

The educational post has since garnered an impressive 468,000 views and been flooded with comments.

"I never knew about the jolly jumper! Thanks for tip lucky I never got one for my child," wrote one.

A second enthused: "Your first point is great! Never saw it that way."

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A third praised: "This guy makes sense."

Meanwhile, another added: "LOVE these tips!!"

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