I’m a professional hairdresser – the customers’ most annoying habits & how wobbly heads are making our job harder

WITH excruciatingly long hours on legs and fully dry and fried hair that cannot be saved no matter what, being a hairdresser is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

But according to one expert in the field, there are certain customer habits that only make the already exhausting shift so much harder.

Shida Hall, who works in a salon in North London, has been a hairdresser for several years.

And whilst for the most part she loves the creative and rewarding job, certain customer traits and manners give her the ick.


We get it – hair is precious and you want to feel like a million dollars, especially when paying a hefty price for a trim or a balayage (this, according toour Hair and Beauty whizz, Siobhan O’Connor, is the worst trend).

But although Shida understands the stress when someone else is working on your oh-so precious locks, she finds it annoying when a customer acts like they know what's best for their hair.

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''I have had clients tell me how long I should leave colour or bleach for.''

Remember – they're the experts and know what they're doing.


We've all found stunning images online of platinum blonde or adorable pastel tone hair and have imagined us rocking the hairstyle.

But according to Shida, for many people, especially those with dark locks, this is something that can only remain a dream.

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Not only is this almost impossible to achieve but the high contents of bleaching and toning will also leave your locks severely damaged and like dry straws.

''I had to ''fire'' a client because she did not understand why her Level 3 (black hair) would not match the colour she liked on her HANDBAG!

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''She actually brought in handbag with a picture of a puppy and said she wanted her hair to be the same blonde as the puppy!

''I had been doing her hair for around 15 years but the last year or so she got more and more bizarre in her requests so I had to say I think it's best she went elsewhere.''


Haircuts and any kind of treatment and colouring is all about precision – but, according to Shida, there are clients who seem to not understand this.

They will be ''hovering just above the sink so their back gets drenched'', only to then blame the hairdressers.


One of Sheeda's biggest pet peeves as a professional working in a salon are clients who turn up late on a regular basis.

''We understand sometimes traffic or other things can make you late – but the ones who do it regularly don't understand how that can affect the rest of all our appointments,'' she explained.

''It's very stressful to keep the flow of clients without overlapping when one client is late even by a few minutes.''

Speaking to Fabulous, Shida said: ''I don't get easily annoyed with clients!

''I'm probably too laid back about a lot of things compared to some stylists!

''I understand and appreciate the importance of hair for confidence so sympathise with what clients thinks will boost their daily look and feel.

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''If your hair feels and looks crap then it does not matter how beautiful your dress is or how perfect your make-up looks.

''You can have rags on and have a natural face but bad hair can really stand out.''

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