I’m a redhead and tried the viral Skims dress – women say I look ‘stunning’ | The Sun

A WOMAN who succumbed to the temptations of a viral fashion trend has been described as "stunning."

Followers to her TikTok were blown away by the dress from Skims.

This particular style has taken the internet by storm.

Women of all shapes and sizes have loved its body-sculpting look.

Nasya (@yj.nas) was the latest to fall for its charms.

Skims is a shapewear company that was co-founded by Kim Kardashian.

It claims to offer "style, comfort, and support," for women of every body shape.

Naysa is tall and slender.

In her post, she styled her hair in waist-length red braids.

She wore the Skims dress in question.

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Hers came in a mink color and she sashayed up to the camera, resplendent in the body-hugging number.

A voiceover provided the backing track.

“I took over a year off," it said, "and cut you b*thces some slack, tell a friend she’s back.”

With over 303,000 followers, Naysa has an enormous following and they liked what they saw in her video.

“I wanna be this kind of pretty black girl," was a view typical of many.

“Beautiful," was the simple response of another.

The final comment summed up the general tone of her followers: “You are stunning," she said.

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