I’m a redhead who ‘frees the nipple’ – I don't understand why people are offended, it’s double standards for women | The Sun

A REDHEAD called out the double standards men and women are held to when "freeing the nipple."

She was confused as to why some people find her body "offensive," and she wasn't interested in changing for the haters.

On TikTok, 22-year-old Robbi O’Connell (@thegingersnapqueen) posed her viewers a question.

"Who the f**k is still offended about the 'braless' thing?" she demanded in the spirited video.

Clad in a baggy T-shirt and tiny shorts, O'Connell reached under her top as she spoke.

She wriggled out of her sports bra, sliding it down her body. "This should be X-rated," she joked.

When the bra reached her feet, she kicked it off and sighed in relief.

"You don't understand," O'Connell continued. "I went hiking today, and it's just not right."

Going bra-free, she said, just "makes sense for activities like that."

She lamented that men on the trail were able to take off their tops when they got overheated, but women weren't allowed to do the same.

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"Why can't ladies show their nipples?" she asked. "We all want to see them."

She said that she'd never met anyone who was part of the "no-nipple movement," and wasn't sure who was actually against visible nipples.

Pointing out the double standard, O'Connell acted as though she were about to whip off her shirt.

Then the video cut away, returning to the redhead fully dressed.

If she'd gone through with it, she said, she'd have been "Banned. Account deleted."

"If a man does that, it's okay," she said, clearly frustrated by the different rules.

O'Connell added that women with any size chest should be permitted to "free the nipples."

While women with small busts are less likely to be reprimanded for going bra-free, the practice is comfortable for women with larger breasts as well.

"It feels so good to be braless," she added. "I've got some tatas, but I still love being braless."

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