I'm a size 26 & did a mega Topshop haul…getting on a pair of jeans was utterly exhausting, they were ridiculous on me | The Sun

A FASHION fan has taken to social media to give her honest thoughts on an epic Topshop haul.

Emma Tamsin Hill, a plus-size fashionista who has amassed an impressive 267.7k followers and 8.2million likes on TikTok, recently took to the video sharing platform to show off her new clothes from Topshop.

But Emma was left with mixed reviews with her shopping haul that she ordered from Asos.

While she loved one top, a pair of jeans left her out of breath just trying to put them on.

The size 26 self-love content creator posted her clip with the caption ‘we waited 15+ years for this, was it worth it?🤨’ 

She said: “Today we are trying Topshop.

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“Look at this – obviously if you’re a big girl and you grew up in the 2010s, you know that Topshop did not do our size.

“But since Asos acquired Topshop, they have started doing plus-size so I thought, we need to try this out.

“I got this tracksuit – this is very large, it’s very over-sized.

“I like the colour, it’s cosy, we’re off to a winning start. 

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“I got the tracksuit in a 2X and everything else in a 26.

“I have the infamous Joni jeans – I am slightly concerned because this is how big they are.”

Emma held up the tiny pair of jeans and as she struggled to get them over her bum, she continued: “I’m scared, I’m scared. Guys, why am I out of breath putting on jeans?

“I should never have to be this uncomfortable putting on a pair of pants.

“They are very stretchy but stretchy enough to go over my bum? No.

“No, I’m f***king disappointed man.

“The ankle hole is very small, and they’re tight on the calves, so if you have big calves, it’s hard to get them up. I’m disappointed.

“You have this skirt – I’m not blown away with it.

“It’s a patent, burgundy, oxblood – oh it has pockets, that’s kind of redeemed it for me. It’s ok, it’s ok.

“Also this top, I love this, it’s a tight, mesh, ruched sleeve, showing a little bit of t***y but not too much because it has the ruching.

“I like this top, I’ll definitely keep this top.

“Now we have the Jamie jean – I’m hoping for better things from you Jamie, because your sister Joni was not doing it.

“Ok thank God Jamie, we’re in, praise the lord.

“They look good but they’re kinda big on the waist.

“If I sat down, you could see my knickers.

“What I’m finding with these is that they’re tight on the ankle – not like cut your circulation tight, but it’s hard to get on because you’re tryna get your feet through these tiny little ankle holes.

“I think they’re a smidge too big.”

Finally, Emma tried on a black leather jacket, that left her very impressed.

She added: “Am I or am I not Sandy from Grease right now? This is a little leather jacket, I really like this.

“It’s definitely over-sized, it’s big enough for you to zip up and wear it zipped up.

“It’s really soft, fake leather. I like it, I feel like Topshop’s jackets have always been nice.” 

Emma posted her clip just 12 hours ago, but it has already racked up a whopping 41.4k views.

It has 3,864 likes, 68 comments and 13 shares.

TikTok users loved Emma’s haul and thought the clothes look fabulous on her. 

One person said: “Those Jamie jeans on you with that top 😍 slay girl slay!” 

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Another added: “I love the skirt!! 😍😍” 

A third commented: “The jacket is giving me life 😃”

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