I’m a size XL and did a faux leather pants haul from Abercrombie – my boyfriend rated each look | The Sun

LEATHER weather is here, and Abercrombie has got you covered.

One size XL fashion pro put the leather looks to the test.

Kristal Heredia is the CEO of management agency Mujeres Social and a full-time fashionista.

Her TikTok alone boasts over 740k followers.

She took to TikTok to show her latest Abercrombie leather finds, while her boyfriend, Julian, rated the looks.

"Julian is about the rate the leather pants I try on," she said.


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First, she tried on a pair of size 33 black faux leather pants, retailing for $110.

"So we have minor gappage," she said, while showing the extra fabric around her waist. "But I get all my pants tailored, so that doesn't bother me."

She asked her boyfriend to give the chic look a rating out of 10.

"They're fire," Julian said. "These are a 10."

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She also showed a pair of $110 faux leather pants from Abercrombie in a gray color and size 33.

Julian immediately rated the trendy pants a 10 out of 10.

"You can't make every one a 10!" she joked.

Finally, she showed another pair of black faux leather pants by Abercrombie in a size XL, which are currently on sale for $60.

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"These fit like a glove!" she raved.

"They look really good," her boyfriend added.

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