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A SELF-described stay-at-home daughter has revealed how she spends up £40,000 of her parents’ money and even pays to have her hair washed..

Roma Abdesselam has amassed over 600,000 followers on her TikTok channel where she regularly posts videos showcasing her extravagant lifestyle.

Whether she’s having her Botox topper up or splashing the cash in Cartier, Roma attracts both love and hate from her followers seething with jealousy over her luxurious life.

But according to Roma, being a stay-at-home-daughter takes a lot of work.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Roma says: “Taking care of yourself as a woman is a job in itself.

“I have no idea how women have 9-5 jobs and then manage to get any procedures done, that for me is a 9-5.”

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While she never sets an alarm, there is hardly a spare moment in the New Yorker’s day – despite not having a job.

“I like to start my day with a cup of coffee but I hate doing any kind of labour so I just order it to be delivered to my house,” she says.

“I will usually follow this by going to a workout class.

“I will typically get my hair done after that and spend an afternoon shopping after having lunch with my friends – I will try and be up in time for a 1pm lunch if I can.

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“And then if I can squeeze in another workout I will and then I will just about have time to get ready to go out with my friends in the evening.”

Being entirely funded by her parents, Roma admits that she doesn’t like to lift a finger even for the simplest of tasks if she can pay someone else to do it for her.

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She says: “I hate washing my hair myself – it’s a lot of work so I pay someone else to do it several times a week along with a blow dry.

“I hate doing anything that’s an inconvenience, I don't know how to wash my hair so someone can do it for me.”

While paying to have her hair washed might seem like an extravagance, it is a drop in the ocean when it comes to Roma’s bottomless budget.

Where Roma does her serious spending is on her couture wardrobe which she estimates is now worth a cool £1.6 million with the influencer spending £250,000 on clothes a year.

But her pricey purchases don’t last long.

Roma, who has previously admitted to going shopping drunk, says: “I go shopping around four times a week and the most I have ever spent in one spree is £40,000.

“I usually only wear an outfit once or twice before I get rid of it. I don’t like having too much clutter so I will donate them.

“If I have taken a picture in an outfit and it doesn’t have that new feel, I go off it.”

Aside from her wardrobe Roma’s biggest expense are her beauty treatments of which there are many.

Taking care of yourself as a woman is a job in itself.''

“Every three months I get Botox and microblading,” Roma says.

“Every other month it will be microneedling and chemical peels and then once a week I have a body tightening treatment as well as a lymphatic massage and a facial.”

While Roma, who travels abroad ten times a year, is more than happy with her role as a stay-at-home-daughter, she says that her parents are keen for her to start paying her way.

And after one particularly expensive spree, Roma was forced to put a cap on her spending.

“I never used to have an allowance but eventually my parents put one in place because I was spending around £122k a month,” she says.

“I had my credit card taken away from me.

“My family do push me to get a job and they also push me to get married because they don’t want me to rely on them financially, I’m kind of like a leech.”

And to her family’s delight, Roma has been able to partially fund herself over the past year thanks to her TikTok account Therealsahd (Stay at Home Daughter).

Her videos showcasing her luxurious life garner as many as 15 million views each meaning Roma now rakes in around £20,000 a month from her social media channel.

But her newfound fortune comes at a price with Roma admitting she often gets death threats from trolls, not that it bothers her.

She says: “I love my trolls. 

“If you start defending yourself it’s nowhere near as funny as if you start poking them.

“I talk to my haters and usually they’ll apologise because they never think I will respond.

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