I'm a tattoo artist and these are the five designs you'll regret in ten years time….they really don't age well | The Sun

Once you've decided to get a tattoo, choosing a design you want inked on you for life is the next tough decision to make.

But according to one tattoo artist named Dave Chudley, there are five designs everyone should steer clear of.

In a clip shared to TikTok, Dave, who goes by the acronym @ink.body1 online, reveals five tattoos he says you'll regret in the next 10 years.

First up on his list of designs to avoid are fine line tattoos.

"Yes, they look great when they're first done, but the problem is they don't age well," he says.

"So the lines will distort and there's nothing you can do about it."


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While the next design may be obvious, according to the tattooist, some people still make the same mistake of getting their partner's name.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again – your partner's name," Dave says.


"You never know what's going to happen – just don't do it, just don't."

Next up on inking to avoid are scripts.

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"Again, very high chance of it bleeding out and turning into a large mess," he says.

"But also you could be covering an area that you can't then turn into a bigger project."

Dave then goes on to urge people to steer clear of getting portraits of famous personalities.

"You never know what's going to come out," he explains.

"Even if they've died, stuff can still come out."

Finally, Dave says to avoid realism.

"It's probably one of the easiest tattoo styles to mess up," he warns.

"So if you're going to do that, make sure to go to someone that specialises in tattoo realism."

The video has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 2.9 million views and hundreds of comments – with very mixed opinions.

"Fine line tattoos age well if done correctly and in the right size," wrote one.

A second penned: "I'd do the name of a dead loved person. This way nothing can happen."

A third commented: "Fine line does age well if it's well done, big enough, with enough space between the lines, and it will look good – just find a good artist."

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Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Definitely the partner's name."

And a further quipped: "Me with my Justin Bieber tattoo though…"

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