I’m a topless cleaner – this is the most-asked question we get & what guys do when I’m there | The Sun

A WOMAN who works as a topless cleaner to make some cash alongside her nursing job has answered her most-asked question.

Amber said people are often intrigued by her business and have numerous queries for her.

On her @bougiebosscleaning she said: “So everyone keeps asking me this one question and it’s ‘do you actually clean?’

“Yes we actually clean.

“I go there, I take my top off and I clean, that’s it.

“Everyone always wants to know ‘can they touch you?’

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“No you can’t touch me.”

The cleaner also said she often gets asked if she offers “extras” alongside the cleaning.

She continued: “No there’s no extras.

“There is no amount of money that would make me say yes.

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“Sometimes they crack a beer and sit back and watch, but most times they just walk around near me and we chat while I clean.”

Some people asked what would happen if a client did ask her for anything extra.

The woman replied: “People ask, I clearly state before it is a hard NO. 

“If they pester I just cancel services.”

Amber works as a full-time nurse and does the cleaning on the side.

She added: “I’m available to clean two days a week, that’s pretty much it.”

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