I’m a vet – five dog breeds people ditch because they’re sickly… but you should give them a second chance | The Sun

A VET has revealed five dog breeds that people always think she hates but actually she really loves them. 

The pet pro proves with good training and care, any dog is a good dog.

Cat the Vet shared her list in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “Dog breed that as a vet I’m supposed to hate but don’t.”

Starting off, Cat says she loves Doodles. 

She said: “Number one is Doodles. I do not get the doodle hate at all, I have loaded those patients I think the vast majority are lovely dogs.”

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“I think they can be ethically bred, which is often a huge concern for people. I think any dog can be ethically and responsibly bred.”

Cat added: “Cockapoos are now the second most common breed of dog here in the UK so they're here to stay. We may not get used to them, and actually I think they're lovely.”

Next up is any Bull breed.

Cat said: “Number two is Bull breeds and I have discussed before how much I love the Staffordshire Bull Terriers.”

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“But I think the bullbreeds at the moment, particularly things like the XL bulls, are getting some really bad press here in the UK and internationally as well.”

“Yes, they are big dogs and yes, they can be problematic but actually the vast majority of our Bull breeds are brilliant sweet fantastic animals and I really like them.”


Surprisingly Cat says she is a big fan of Chihuahuas, Cat claims the bad ones are usually spoiled. 

She said: “Number three is Chihuahua’s, the tiny little land sharks that yes can be extremely difficult to deal with if they've been spoiled and babied and they're not treated as dogs.”

“But actually if they are treated as dogs, when you get a good one they're fantastic, funny, interactive, really sweet little creatures.”

“And I really like them, especially the fluffy ones.”

Cat said she is also very passionate about protected flat faced dogs. 

She said: “Flat face breeds like the French bulldogs, the pugs and the English Bulldogs".

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“Yes I talk an awful lot on my channels about how much they said because of their looks and I think because of that some people think that I really don't like them.”

“The reason I am so passionate about talking about them is because I do like them, they are fantastic animals, great pets and brilliant personalities but they do not have to suffer for their looks.”

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