I'm a vet tech but would never own certain dogs – a fluffy breed is ear infection city and another is too expensive | The Sun

AN experienced vet tech has warned against certain dog breeds that might just be all bark – and bite.

She detailed the health and behavioral risks associated with some of these otherwise cute canine companions.

"Dog breeds I will never own as a vet tech, even if it was free," said Vanessa (@filthfamily).

The animal care professional felt that she had acquired enough knowledge about each dog type to offer her expertise.

"As a 15-year veteran in the industry, I’ve had my fair share of experience with this decision," said Vanessa.

The first dog on the list was the German Shepard.

"No thank you," she said about the smart breed that is also known to be stubborn.

They might look innocent enough with their extra fluffy coats, but the vet tech said that she would rather die than own a Chow Chow.

The aloof breed is usually not very friendly to strangers.

When it came to the medium-sized Belgian Malinois, she had only two words: "Hell nah."

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The breed is obedient – but also demonstrates temperamental and territorial tendencies.

She described this next breed as being ear infection city: the cocker spaniel.

It was also a no to the Shiba Inu which she characterized as having too much energy.

Vanessa made it clear that she would never be a pet parent to the wrinkled-covered Shar-Pei for this serious reason: she was allergic.

The dog can even release a certain oil on their skin that can cause some sensitive people to break out in hives.

She was also not prepared to shell out big bucks for the bulldog.

"I cannot afford the vet bill," she said.

These canines most commonly suffer from issues related to their flattened faces and shortened airways.

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