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A VET TECH has revealed the reasons certain dog breeds are guaranteed to end up in the hospital this summer – and it’s bad news if you’ve got a pit bull. 

Sidney suggested that it’s pit bulls and rottweilers that often suffer from heat stroke, while labradors will be the ones causing chaos at your summer barbecues. 

She also recommended keeping an eye on your pet’s paws, as removing foxtails is a common job throughout the summer. 

Sidney said: “Why dogs visit the emergency vet in Summer. 

“Pittie. Heat stroke, limping after playing in the park, ear hematoma. 

“Rottie. Broken nail, heatstroke x 100, foxtail in eye. 


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“Lab. Snake bite, foxtail in paw, probably ate a whole rotisserie chicken at a bbq.”

Fans loved her honesty, with Sidney’s list gaining more than 800 likes and 36,400 views. 

Known online as @vettechsquid, the content creator regularly shares her top pet tips with her 5,700 followers. 

In the comments, dog lovers shared their reactions, with one writing: “Absolutely see this ALL summer and I’m not even in ER.”

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“Rotisserie chicken at the BBQ is so accurate,” commented another. 

A third put: “The lab one is too accurate… mine recently had to go for a snake bite.”

Others shared the issues they’ve encountered, with another adding: “Labs with ear infections after we say no swimming for 2 weeks.”

“If my dog went to BBQs he would be the type to go to the ER cuz he ate the tinfoil off of leftover burgers or ate the plastic on the hotdog wrappers,” shared someone else. 

Elsewhere, a vet issued a stark warning to dog owners after revealing the breeds that are way more prone to heat stroke – and it’s bad news for chow chow or bulldog owners. 

Cat said: “Another heat wave is about to hit the UK and here are the dog breeds most likely to be affected by heat stroke. 

“Leading the pack and being 17 times more likely to suffer than the average dog with heat stroke is the chow chow.

“Hardly surprising when you consider that they've got a double whammy of a slightly flat face and a massive coat. 

“In second, third, and fourth place are the English bulldog, the French bulldog, and the Dogue De Bordeaux.

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“Proving what we have always known, our flat-face breeds are massively more vulnerable in the hot weather and we really need to take great care of them.”

Fans loved her honesty, with the list gaining more than 81,100 likes and 659,300 views.

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