I’m a wrinkle-free skincare whizz even after ditching Botox, my £1 hack does the exact same without any needles | The Sun

A SKINCARE whizz has revealed how she ditched Botox and still has wrinkle-free skin.

Gin Amber, 37, shared the cover week which stops the ageing process without any needles.

"I'm going to show you how I stopped using Botox," she revealed.

Off camera, Gin applied her Frownie patches to her food and sprayed them with toner.

The skincare whizz admitted she was skeptical of them working at first but was blown away by the results.

Gin explained they work by freezing the muscles in the forehead just like Botox but without having to inject anything into the skin.


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The anti-ageing tip is best used at night after your skincare routine.

She claimed: "I started having crazy migraines and I'm so positive that that's coming from Botox."

In the clip, Gin tried to lift her forehead, but she was unable to after taking the Frownies off as they had frozen her forehead muscles.

The clip posted ot her TikTok account @ginamberx left many people wondering where they could buy them.

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One person wrote: "Where can I buy this?"

Another commented: "I love my @Frownies and they love me!"

"Is it for under eyes too" asked a third.

gin said these were not for under eye use and best on forehead wrinkles.

You can purchase a pack of 144 Frownies for £28.95 on their website making each sheet cost just 20p.

In another clip, Gin revealed the one lifestyle change she swears by to keep her looking young.

"I stopped drinking alcohol eight months ago and one week today," she exclaimed.

She attributed her alcohol-abolishing ways to contributing to less redness, less acne, and more confidence.

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The bright-eyed blonde also said she feels more youthful and no longer wears makeup due to the age-slowing effects.

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