I’m an 83-year-old gym girl – I can lift a lot and even work out at the beach, I beat a 25-year-old guy at planking | The Sun

A BATTLE of the generations in a planking stand-off has seen a 25-year-old guy routed by a woman nearly six decades older.

The 83-year-old gym granny easily saw off the competition. But then she rarely misses an opportunity to work out.

If she's not thrashing weights then she gets into position on the beach to put her core muscles through their paces for even more planking moves.

The astonishing feats of Erika Rischko (@erikarischko) have seen her grow a following 1.7 million on her TikTok.

There she describes herself as an “83-year-old fitness junkie and dancer.”

In one of her posts, an ocean-side venue became her temporary work-out space.

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“Had to squeeze in a plank at the beach when you miss the gym," she said.

This lady seemed to barely shake when doing this exhausting maneuver – she was cool as a cucumber.

But would she stand up in a battle of the generations, when she was pitted against a young, fit man of 25?

“Who will win? Who’s the baddest of them all?” was captioned across the video.

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As the clock ticked, she remained focused. He, however, wanted to know how long it had been: “It’s going to be hard.”

But at three minutes and 30 seconds, he gave signs of giving up the fight: “I can’t hold it any longer.”

At four minutes he finally collapsed declaring Erika, still happily holding her plank position, the winner.

She even helped her younger competitor up. “My core hurts," he said, but not hers.

“This was fun," said this wondergran. "I guess now we know who’s the baddest of them all.”

Commenters were in thrall to this fit lady.

“Omg, you are brilliant," said one person.

“I’m inspired, starting today, right now," vowed another.

A third had only respect for her: “Wow, being fit really pays off even at your age. I’m so happy for you. Love your energy.”

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