I’m an air fryer master, there are 3 things you should NEVER cook in one… and they’ll save you from a huge, gooey mess | The Sun

WHILE it might seem like there's nothing that can go in the air fryer, it turns out there are some recipes you should avoid.

An air fryer master has revealed the two items you should never put in to save yourself from a giant mess.

Taking to TikTok, The Board Housewife, from the US, gave air fryer fans a heads up on what can't go in.

She said: "Three items you should never cook in an air fryer."

The first one is any recipe with a lot of cheese on top of your item.

"The cheese is going to melt before your item is cooked and create a huge gooey mess," she revealed.


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Instead, put the cheese on top two minutes before the item is finished cooking.

Next up, the air frying whizz said you should avoid cooking rice as it never cooks evenly, even with the special insert.

She added: "Just use a rice cooker instead.

Finally, the woman shared you should never cook cake donuts because of the batter used.

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"The sour cream, in their dense batter of flour and sugar just is a flop in the air fryer, don't try it."

The video was a hit with other people who praised the air fryer whizz for her warnings.

One wrote: "THANK YOU QUEEN!! I’m new, I just got one and I’m so scared to make a big mistake!! This just saved me!"

Another person commented: "I’ve just got my first air fryer tonight and hadn’t even considered the cheese thing so you’ve just saved me learning the hard way haha thank you."

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A third penned: "thank you I just got one."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Thanks for sharing."

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