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AN APPLIANCE expert has revealed four steps you need to take now to make sure your washing machine is clean.

It turns out, plenty of us aren't cleaning it enough which can cause it to break down prematurely.

Fortunately, Ben Peach, Laundry Product Manager at Haier Europe has revealed how to prevent this from happening.

Speaking to the Express, the expert said you should never leave laundry in the drum once it is finished.

He said: “Leaving the laundry wet inside the washing machine can cause mould and mildew to fester.

"Also, remember to not close the door immediately after washing, give the basket time to dry."


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He added that you should always keep the outer shell and glass door clean which you can do by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Another spot you might be missing is the rubber seal, which needs to be cleaned regularly.

Appliance experts recommend using white vinegar, bleach, or baking soda.

To do this add one cup of baking soda to the seal and let the machine run on an empty cycle.

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The experts revealed this will keep the seal clean and odour-free.

Keeping the drawer clean is also vital to stop nasty smells and bacteria from growing.

You can easily pop the drawer out and soak it and use a toothbrush to remove mould from inside the machine.

Once every two months, the cleaning expert recommended doing an empty load wash at 60C to 'clean the inside of the basket and the seals.'

They added that you should add two tablespoons of vinegar and detergent halfway through the wash for the best results.

Finally, the cleaning experts recommended cleaning the filter every four to six weeks to remove fibres or debris that have come off clothes.

They suggested putting towels down before unscrewing the filter to catch any water.

You can then clean it by running hot water through it and making sure you screw it back on securely.

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