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THERE are plenty of simple tips to follow for people who are dedicated to achieving an elegant look.

Coming across as a person with class and allure is all about making sure you follow the right rules.

TikToker and elegance coach Level Blue posted a video highlighting 10 basic rules to follow if you want to look effortlessly chic.

The first tip she brings to the table is making sure you embrace the classics.

Embracing the classics means finding inspiration from fashionable icons who keep up with undeniable trends.

Level Blue's second tip is to make sure your eyebrows are properly shaped.

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Having messy, untrimmed eyebrows can potentially make it look like you’re not putting your best foot forward.

Next, Level Blue says you should cinch in your waist with a belt.

Wearing a belt around your waist is one of the classiest accessories you can depend on.

After that, she says to skip out on casual clothing that you see most people wearing on a regular basis.

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That means avoiding plain white T-shirts and boring blue jeans if you can help it.

Level Blue says giving volume to the roots of your hair is another classy move to make.

If your hair looks voluptuous and bouncy each day, it’s a sign of total elegance.

She also advises her viewers to accessorize their outfits with hats or silk scarves.

There are so many accessories to choose from, but these two options can make any outfit look so much better.

Her next elegance tip is to go easy on the amount of makeup you apply to your face.

A little makeup can go a long way – and too much makeup can come across as tacky.

Level Blue says minimalist looks are best since they focus on clean lines.

Outfits worn by minimalists aren’t generally eccentric or crazy to look at.

Elongating your silhouette with great posture is another elegance tip from Level Blue.

If your silhouette is elongated, there’s no way you won’t look as chic as ever.

Finally, her last tip is to choose natural fabrics over synthetic fabrics while shopping for new clothing.

If your chosen dress is made with natural fabrics, it will potentially look a lot more luxurious than one made with fake material.

Several people have responded in the comment section with their opinions about these elegance tips.

One person wrote: “Simplicity! Sophisticated, but classy."

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“Eyebrows are so important," someone else added.

To that, Level Blue responded by saying: “Yes, they really frame your face."

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