I'm an elegance coach and these are the five types of shoes you should never wear in public if you want to look feminine | The Sun

THE DAYS of little ladies being shipped off to finishing school to learn proper pronunciation and the order to lay out forks at a dinner table is long gone.

But that doesn't mean we're living in a post-etiquette world – on no!

There are still plenty of people who are on hand to keep our appearance and behaviour in check and prevent us from falling into the dreaded realms of "tacky".

From etiquette experts to elegance coaches, there's no shortage of advice out there for us proper ladies who want to look all lady-like and that.

But the first step (pun intended) is to get the right footwear.

According the elegance coach behind Instagram page Inner Beauty Outer Grace, you can go badly off course with the wrong pair of ones and twos (that shoes for those who conscientiously object to rhyming slang).

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So what shoes must we be sure never to don out in public?

The first one to keep for "round the house" only, are your Crocs.

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Doesn't matter how comfy they are and how lightweight they feel on your little tootsies, according to the elegance advisor they're a no go.

But don't think that you can abandon the plastic clogs in favour of a pair of fluffy slippers – because they're off the menu too.

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It's also bad news for manufacturers of the increasingly popular "dad sandals" as they're on the black list.

Presumably that means "boyfriend jeans" are out too – although in fairness it's not mentioned.

My heart sinks at the thought of the response you'd get if you tried to wear the two together. Heaven's to Betsy, you'd be asking for trouble.

Another personal favourite that I will have to relegate to indoors, are slides.

That's right, I'm talking about the feather-light sandals that are basically a hug for your feet.

And finally in the list of shoes that did nothing to anyone but aren't sufficiently feminine for public consumption are round toe mules.

These, to be fair, look a lot like school shoes, so it's no great loss to feet the world-over.

The elegance coach did offer a disclaimer for those who were concerned about their footwear options.

She said: "This post is for the lady that wants to look elegant and feminine.

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"You can still wear any of these and still behave elegantly.

"However, if you want an elegant aesthetic, then avoid wearing any of this as part of your outlook."

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