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A TIKTOKER claimed to know secrets every customer should know about Cinnabon, drawing the attention of other former employees. 

A user by the name of Alex made a video and gained over a million views, claiming to have worked at Cinnabon in high school.

Alex shared what they called the “truth” about the bakery’s cinnamon rolls and other products.

“Let me tell you something about Miss Cinnabon,” said Alex. “Miss Cinnabon, there’s three things y’all should know about Cinnabon. First of all, if you go there really early, right when they open, you’re not going to get fresh rolls, b****.

“The rolls that they’re serving right when they open, they’re probably from one of the boxes that they sell to-go.”

Alex explained that the center of the roll, a popular menu item at the bakery, might not be what the name makes it out to be.

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“If you like the center of the rolls, that’s not the center of the roll,” said Alex.

“That’s literally a bunch of old f****** Cinnabons that are chopped up, put in a cup with more icing on the top. You just put that b**** in the microwave for thirty seconds, that’s the ‘center’ of the roll.”

Alex also mentions the number of calories in other menu items.

“The third thing is that there’s always going to be one f****** b**** who goes in and orders the most fattening f****** thing, which is the regular cinnamon roll with caramel drizzle and nuts on top, which is like 14-1,500 calories. 

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“They’ll always have the f****** audacity to get a diet Coke with it,”

The now-deleted video was criticized by viewers.

One person wrote, “Some people are diabetics that can indulge in sweets as long as they take the correct amount of insulin, but prefer diet soda in order to save carbs.”

Another person warned Alex not to be quick to judge others and “the decisions they make about their diet because some of us have no choice when our pancreases do not work.”

Meanwhile, other people who claimed to work at Cinnabon shared their own experiences.

“When I worked there we made a new batch like damn near every 30 minutes so they stay fresh and at night,” said one person. “We throw out the stuff from the day or take it home.”

A second person wrote, “Where I work its in the mornings and then thats when we all make Cinnabons for the packs the whole day, so if you want a fresh pack its in the mornings.”

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“I work there the ones in the morning are fresh at my location but we do use old buns for boxes to take home,” said a third person.”

The Sun has reached out to Alex and Cinnabon for comment.

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