I'm an interior designer and here's 11 clever ways to create more space in your home

WHEN it comes to your living space, it’s always best to try and make the most of every corner around you – especially if you don’t have much room. 

The good thing is, we now live in a world of hacks where people are often sharing their tips and tricks into making your house a better place to live. 

Here, LifeHacker explains their top hacks to make the most of your space at home. 

Shoving your belongings under the bed is what people often end up doing, but this can sometimes be ineffective as your belongings become a dusty mess. 

A set of adjustable bed risers will give you some extra inches under there. 

The additional height won’t be obvious or noticeable, and it will free up a lot more room to squeeze in more storage.

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Instead of piling things on the floor, the next hack is to get things onto a shelf.

And if you think you have filled up all the shelf space, try your doors next.

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Putting a shallow shelf over the casing at the top of your doors gives you instant storage space. 

If you choose your shelving to match the casing style, it will be an attractive addition to the decor. 

And beds are another great source of storage. 

If your bed is pushed up against a wall and has a headboard, this is an opportunity.

Extending the headboard with some matching shelving gives you extra space for anything you want to. 

If you’ve got a relatively high headboard and the bed is not flush against the wall, you can also add hooks or hanging storage to the rear of the headboard. 

The staircase is the next best place for storage – if you’re a decent carpenter

The risers on your steps can be wasted space and they’re probably hollow. 

Tearing them off and inserting drawers is a hack which can create more storage.

Stack up the plates and saucers 

Rather than letting the plates take up space in your cupboard, hang them vertically on a wall or on the inside of your cabinet. 

Use the toe kick at the bottom of kitchen cabinets 

If you have a kitchen with floor cabinets, the space at the bottom where the doors overhang have free space behind the trim. 

Just pull it out, add some storage and push it back in. 

Get in between things

If there’s a gap between your refrigerator and your cabinets or open wall space between the last floor cabinet and a doorway, add some narrow, portable storage. 

While these sorts of units are typically used as pantry space or spice racks, they can be used for just about anything. 

Buy a suction-held sponge holder 

Or something similar to stick inside your fridge.

Small bottles, condiment packets can go in this way, making shelf space for larger items. 

Lay fresh sheets flat under mattress

If you’ve got a bulging chest of draws where your spare sheets and bedding are spilling out, take out the sheets and lay them flat under your mattress. 

This will have zero impact on your bed’s comfort, but it will open up some inches of space in your closet, chest, or shelves.

Multiple clothing on one hanger 

There are hangers now strong enough to hold a lot more than one shirt on a single hanger.  

Built in drawers for underneath your washer and dryer 

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These are just sturdy platforms with built-in drawers that your washer and dryer units sit on top of. 

Adding two roomy drawers which match the size and look of your washer and dryer, is an easy hack to add more storage to your home. 

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