I'm an interior pro – what your choice of bedsheets says about you & this colour means you have more sex

THERE'S nothing more satisfying than shimmying into a bed made up with freshly laundered sheets – but what does your duvet set choice say about you?

Whether you go for wild and wacky patterns or calm and serene tones, turns out your bedding can reveal a lot.

MyJobQuote interior design expert Ryan McDonough explains: "The colour and fabric of your bed sheets are extremely important.

"Whether you choose crisp, white, plain bedding or extravagant bedding in bright, vibrant colours, each type and style says something about you, and this is something that your guests will see when they first look at the room."

Here, Ryan reveals exactly what your bedding choice says – and the one colour rumoured to be associated with those who have the most sex…

All white?

If you're the type that goes for muted tones and peaceful vibes in the bedroom, you're likely to opt for something simple, like an all white set.


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Ryan says: "Beautiful white sheets are both classic and timeless.

"This type of bedding provides a feeling of serenity in the room and you’re likely someone that is neat and tidy and not a fan of clutter.

"The lack of patterns and colours means that you’re a minimalist and your bedding reflects your straightforward style.

"With this minimalistic style trait, you’re likely someone that is open-minded and someone who speaks their mind. 

"You most likely enjoy the finer things in life and care a lot about the small details.

"You're opulent but without being over the top and know that quality tends to come at a cost, but it's definitely worth it."

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How you choose to 'dress' your bed can be very revealingCredit: Getty

Patterns and prints

Alternatively, if you go for prints and patterns, you're likely to be more expressive.

Ryan says: "If you choose dots, this is associated with being light-hearted, fun, and carefree.

"Research has shown that polka dots suggest someone that is a dynamic multi-tasker with a heightened ability to focus. 

"Stripes convey confidence, and animal prints portray someone vibrant and outgoing.

"If you combine zebra or leopard prints with splashes of jewel colours, this means that you have a creative side, and you aren't afraid to make a bold statement."

A splash of colour

The block colour you opt for also makes a huge statement about you.

Ryan explains: "People who choose to sleep in blue bedding are believed to be able to get more sleep than people who sleep in any other colour.

"Research has shown that there is a significant link between the colour blue and a calm, relaxed mood. 

"Green is the colour of nature and rejuvenation. This colour is known to help reduce anxiety. With this in mind, green shades are associated with getting a very good night’s sleep. 

"Orange is a very positive and stimulating colour that will help you feel energised the next morning.

A seriously sexy statement

Your choice could reveal more than you wanted to however – as certain colours can say a lot about your sex life – or lack there of.

Ryan says: "Red is the colour of fire and passion.

"If you really want to spice up your love life, choosing red bedding can be very beneficial.

"If you combine the colour with silk fabrics, this can add a luxurious, sexy touch. 

"It is thought that people with purple bedrooms have more sex more often than people who have any other colour of bedding.

"However, you should be careful what you wish for as purple is also believed to stimulate the mind, and so this can lead to trouble with sleeping."

Flirty florals

Another hugely popular and timeless choice for bedding is a matching floral set.

Ryan says: "Florals can be very soft and feminine, or they may be bright and playful.

"If you choose floral patterns on your bedding, you are most likely personable and outgoing.

"If you choose more feminine prints over bright and bold flowers, this suggests you may like being pampered and enjoy being the centre of attention."

Mismatched and Untidy

Ryan says: "If your bedding is mismatched, you're likely a spontaneous, unorganised individual who is constantly on the go.

"Matching sheets aren't important to you, but comfort is.

"So while your bedding may not be colour-coordinated, it's likely your sheets will be super soft. 

"The best thing about the fact that your bedding reflects your personality is that you can easily change it depending on your mood.

"If you don't want to seem soft and sensible, then you can throw that bedding in the wash and opt for something a bit more vibrant and playful.

"When your bedding doesn’t match, you have the freedom to do whatever you want with it depending on how you’re feeling."

Draped and Dreamy

Some people also like to accessorise their bedding, with a strategically strewn duvet, or cushions.

Ryan says: "Perhaps the bed frame is lined with fairy lights, and the room will most likely have a cosy but lived-in feel to it.

"People with this type of bedding tend to choose pastel colours with hints of sparkles and metallics. 

"If this is the type of bedding that you go for, you’re probably a big romantic who loves nothing more than a cute and cuddly lie in with your partner.

"You are most likely a sensitive soul who isn’t afraid to show your emotions or talk about how you feel. You are likely a great friend but may be taken advantage of because of your free-spirited nature."

What Types of Bed Sheets Should You Avoid?

There are certain colours and styles that you should avoid if you're trying to achieve a certain 'feng shui'. 

Ryan adds: "If you’re looking to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere, you should avoid choosing bright and bold colours.

"In terms of materials, it’s always recommended that you avoid polyester bedding.

"Although it can be much cheaper than other bedding materials, it’s also quite uncomfortable and scratchy.

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