I’m an interior whizz… people make the same three main mistakes in their homes and one makes it look SO dirty | The Sun

AN INTERIOR pro has revealed the three major mistakes to steer clear of – and one of them will leave dirty fingerprints all over the place.

Home is where the heart is… and also where your taste is, sometimes leaving the guests with a tacky aftertaste.

With so many styles and designs to choose from, one whizz, Jordan Samson, revealed which trends to best give a miss when renovating your home.

First up in his video were matt black kitchen cabinets with no hardware.

''I currently have these in my rental apartment and there are fingerprints, handprints, footprints all over them in places I swear I have not touched it.

''It's very annoying to clean.''

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Next amongst the no-nos were vessel sinks – and whilst these, he admitted, are a stunning home feature to have, there is one major downside.

''Don't get me wrong – these look beautiful.

''But cleaning them is a nightmare.

''The crevice between the sink and the counter top and that back wall is going to collect a lot of grime and depending on the size there can be a lot of issues with splashing.''

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When it comes to trends to best give a miss, Jordan also advised against buying grey wood floors.

''It appears very soulless and plastic-looking,'' he explained his dislike for the design.

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''Another issue is versatility – it can be very challenging to decorate with, adding anything warm to it will clash with the undertones.''

With close to a whopping 580,000 views in just three days, the clip has taken social media by storm.

After watching his recommendations, TikTok users were quick to share their thoughts.

''YES the goddamn grey floors in every apartment these days absolutely kills me,'' wrote one person who hated the design just as much.

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Another agreed: ''Grey wood floors are such a disappointment no clue how these came to be a thing.''

Some hater of the flooring even went as far as demanding the government did something about it: ''Outlaw grey wood flooring.''

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