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AN interiors expert has shared the three things she says you must avoid in a small room if you don’t want the space to look more cramped. 

Tash is a home-design whizz who works for Lick, a company offering advice and product recommendations for all things interior, that has nearly 170k followers on TikTok. 

And in a recent clip that racked up more 62k likes, she shared the “three things to avoid in a small room”. 

Her first no-no is white paint, which she admits might well split opinion

“Don’t do it,” the interiors guru advises, “it shows up all the shadows” which will make the room’s walls actually appear closer together. 

Instead, “go for a colour”, she recommends, suggesting an understated teal or blush that will give the impression of more space. 

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Secondly, she warns against buying small furniture to try and make the room appear to scale, because it “draws attention” to the fact that the space is small as soon as you walk in. 

Instead, she suggests buying oversized pieces to “trick the eye”, including larger mirrors or a massive lamp. 

The brain imagines that the room must be pretty large if it can fit such a huge item, making it appear much bigger than it actually is. 

Her final suggestion is to avoid any LED blue light, which makes the room appear smaller by brightening it up so you can see the lack of space. 

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She instead suggests going for something warmer, “or even one step further, go for dimmers”. 

That way you can adjust the brightness so as to disguise the size of the space, and it will give a “super cosy” feeling in the evening. 

Dozens of viewers flocked to the comments to share how they’d used the quick methods to create the illusion of more space in their own homes.

“About to buy a house and for the smallest room I'm thinking of really long curtains and installed high to add length to the room and a big mirror,” one wrote. 

Tash replied saying: “Love this idea – the big mirror especially – this will help bounce more light around the room.”

“Just bought large furniture and omg it’s strange how our space looks bigger,” another agreed. 

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