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AN organising pro has shared her fail safe method to ensure she stays on top of clutter all year round – not just in January.

TikTok user Rachel shares videos on her account, @declutter.your.life, and says her aim is to show others “how to live a simple, minimal life by decluttering.”

But Rachel is only too aware that many people start a New Year with good intention – before falling by the wayside a few weeks in.

Therefore, she is on hand to help in 2023, and revealed her top five tips to make sure you don’t slip back into bad habits. 

In a recent video titled “how to stop clutter creeping back in”, Rachel lifted the lid on how she manages to stay organised all year around.

Her first piece of advice is what can be dubbed the “one-minute” rule.

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That’s because Rachel encourages people to “complete one minute jobs straight away.”

Therefore, if you see a small pile of things that need sorting out, or some unopened post on the side, don’t leave it.

Instead, act fast and get the job done with minimal effort and in just sixty seconds.

Rachel’s second tip is to “make sure everything has a home.”

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That means if you’ve been telling yourself that you will find somewhere for a particular item to “live” in the near future, the time has come.

The third checkpoint on the list is another great one – as Rachel says it’s key to have a “one in, one out policy.”

So if you buy one new item for your wardrobe or kitchen cupboard, it’s time to have a proper look through and donate something to someone else. 

Her penultimate tip is also a great one to bear in mind every month of the year.

Rachel explains: “Consider each purchase you make”.

This could see you asking yourself questions including, ‘do I really need this?’ and ‘where will it go?’

And, more often than not, you’ll probably find that it’s not a necessary purchase in the first place. 

While her final piece of advice is one that everyone can build into their routine and think of when they wake up.

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Rachel said it’s important to “create daily decluttering habits.”

That they become second nature and a habit for all twelve months.

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