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THERE’S nothing more annoying than when clothing store’s have completely erratic sizing. 

Try a size 12 of one pair of trousers and you simply can’t get them up; try another, and they’re gaping around the waist.

And it was enough for one TikToker to post a “big-fat complaint to Primark" after she was left mind boggled by the ridiculous discrepancy between different pairs of jeans. 

Posting a clip on her TikTok page, @Mol_Sutty, the fashionista claimed she and other girls had been “traumatised” by the high-street store’s dodgy labels. 

She began by trying on a pair of black tapered trousers, which she opted for in size 12. 

“I nearly passed out trying to get these to shut,” Mol began, accompanied by a clip of her trying to fasten the waist of the culottes.

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“It wasn’t happening,” she added, “never, no way.” 

“Then Primark, ooo look, size 10,” the shopper said while showing off the label of a pair of denim jeans.

“Now I’ll do the maths for you,” she joked, “that’s less than a size 12.” 

But Mol showed off that the second pair fit like a glove, squatting in them to show off the roomy size. 

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She then cut to a shot of her wearing what were advertised as a pair of gym leggings – but looked more like spandex tights. 

“I thought I was gonna be a gym, sexy gal,” she joked. “It’s not what was advertised.”

“I mean I am gorgeous, but what the good God is that?” 

She said the look made her want to “do a bit of the worm” because of the slick-like fit. 

She next tried on a cute silk t-shirt, which she’d imagined would give a cute, elegant look. 

“Tell me why I look like a star in the school play,” she laughed while filming herself in the mirror. 

“My belly jiggled the top – it was that badly fitted.” 

She finally tried on a black top in a large – the biggest size they offered – only for it to not even fit over her boobs.

“So girlies, don’t worry – it happens to us all,” the body-positive influencer assured viewers. 

Her video quickly raked up more than 122k views, with users in agreement about the store’s shonky sizing. 

“Size 14, but apparently an 18 in Primark,” one wrote alongside an eye-roll emoji. 

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“I range from size 4-16 in Primark when I’m normally a 10 most other places,” another added. 

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