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A FASHION fan has shared her secret to achieving super sleek curves and it’s not as hard as you might think. 

The hourglass figure fan says her method makes sure all her curves are rounded and hides her tummy. 

Amina Cocoa said in a TikTok video online that she doubles up on her shapewear. 

She said: “ If you wanna look extra snatched in your clothing, then you have to double your shapewear.”

The fashion fan said the method has worked for her for years. 

She said: “I've been doubling my shapewear for years and years and years, and today I'mma put you guys on how I do it in the exact shapewear pieces that I love and I swear by.

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“First things first, get a base shaper. My favourite shaper All Time Fade, is by the brand Spanx.”

The fashion fan starts with butt-lifting spanx.

She said: “I love it so freaking much. It smooths me out so well. It lifts the booty up, everything. Only con is that it rolls down, so I have to wear a bra, but I never go braless.”

Amina says she only buys shapewear that matches her skin tone.

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“Whenever I shop for shapewear, I have to get it in my skin tone because it becomes 10 times more versatile.”

The fashion fan showed her followers what she looked like with and without shapewear to show the difference. 


She said: “So this is me before any shapewear. I have an apron by leaving in my stomach. It's not a Fupa.”

“This shaper literally just smooths me out, and it's my base shaper. I call this my base shaper because the shaper that I layer on top is going to be able to do its job, and it's not gonna look unflattering on my body."

She added: “This is how I look with just this shaper shirt on. Smooth me out. You know, real nice, real cute, real modest or whatever, but I need some figure.”

Next Amina wears a bodysuit on top of the spans to suck her in even more. 

She said: “And this is where the second shaper comes into play. The shaper that I use to lay on top of my base shaper is this seamless scalp thong bodysuit. 

“Emphasis on thong. I personally do not wear this body suit alone, because like I said, I have an apron belly, and there's just not enough fabric to cover my stomach."

Amina said: "My stomach will literally hang out from the sides, and it's just not flattering. The way that this body suit sucks you in like none other. And since it's a highlight thong bodysuit, where it sits on your hips."

“Oh, yeah, it gives an hourglass. Okay. Like, I love it so much.”

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Amina added that both of her shapewear was easy to get into so going the toilet isn't a hassle. 

She said: “Both of these shapewear pieces are very lightweight. You're not gonna struggle to get in or get out of it. When I use the bathroom, the thong bodysuit has a snap closure, and I just pull down my shaper short, simple.”

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