I’m getting a second nose job after my taxpayer funded one on the NHS was rubbish and Philip Schofield insulted it

SHAMELESS NHS nose job blagger, Carla Bellucci, 38, gained herself an army of haters after faking depression to get free surgery on the NHS.

But now the mum, from Hitchin, Herts, claims that the £7K rhinoplasty was a total waste of taxpayers money and she’s forking out to have a second nose job.

After setting up her Only Fans account just six weeks ago she has made over £8,000 selling her saucy snaps – more than enough to fund the surgery.

Here Carla tells Fabulous digital how she’s determined to get the perfect nose after Phillip Schofield insulted hers live on air.

It’s been a year since I blagged myself a free nose job on the NHS by faking depression.

Ever since I have been dogged by trolls, I am hated by everyone and my own son has disowned me – and I can safely say it was a total waste of taxpayers money.

I have decided to fork out £6,500 of my own money for a second one after Phillip Schofield cruelly insulted it live on This Morning.

My Only Fans account has well and truly taken off after I set it up six weeks ago.

My earnings have gone up and everyday when I wake up in the morning I have at least five new fans.

If I’d known how easy it was to make money, I would never have bothered going down the route of the NHS for the nose job in the first place.

It was a waste of time and a waste of taxpayers money because I am now having it done again with my own cash- the whole thing was pretty pointless really.

It was Phillip Schofield’s insult live on air that gave me such a complex over it.

I’m doing it to get my own back at Phillip. I am determined, I don’t care what it costs me or where I get the money from – I’m determined to get that perfect nose.

I can always laugh things off, but when Phil said that my nose was still wonky in front of the whole nation, I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I wanted to die.

I initially had a second consultation booked on the NHS, and even had surgeons in Turkey offer to fix it for free, but after coronavirus took over I decided to take the private route.

I’m ready for round two with Phillip. I think it would help boost his ratings

I’m going to Harley street where I get my Botox done.

My only hope is that I don’t come out looking like Michael Jackson and then people really will be laughing at me.

Ultimately I want to go back on This Morning and have a showdown with Phillip and ask him why he got so personal.

I want him to know how much he really did know. He knows himself how cruel people can be from what he’s gone through.

Sure I might have ripped off the NHS but I have never torn someone down and I have no idea how he got away with that.

If he dared insult my new nose, I would just brush it off, I could deal with it, it would take a lot more to break me.

I’m ready for round two with Phillip. I think it would help boost his ratings. I think he should pay for my nose job personally.

But I don’t need him to because in just five weeks I have made enough selling my saucy snaps to desperate men to get my nose redone as well as shelling out £2,000 for teeth whitening.

I’ve got two older guys on Only Fans who they just give me money for no reason and I think I could get more but I am wary of what they want in return.

They are like my sugar daddies without me having to prostitute myself.

But while my Only Fans is flourishing my relationship with my son Jermain, 17, is dwindling.

He has completely disowned me now and moved in with his girlfriend’s parents who I call the Mansons.

They have made my life hell, they even called the social services on me. They terrorize me and are far worse than any of the trolls.

I haven’t spoken to my son since. My back’s against the wall, but there’s nothing I can do about it, I’m not going to be controlled, especially not by my own children.

I have supported him his whole life, I’m not going to be dictated to, I’m not doing anything wrong.

The pictures I’m now sharing on my Only Fans are a bit more raunchy than they were and if the money’s right I will definitely go nude, without a doubt.

Even my trolls are signing up now. They hate me but they can’t help themselves.

It’s become so popular that I’m considering bumping up the subscription price to $24.99 (£19.68) – that’s what Kerry Katona is charging so I can’t see any reason why I can’t.

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