I’m not pregnant and have never been an expectant mum but I breastfeed my son – it works and we have such a close bond | The Sun

A DOTING mum to a baby boy, who is not pregnant and has never been an expectant mum, has revealed how she’s been able to breastfeed. 

Caitlin took to her joint TikTok account with her wife Leah to share the journey she took in order to do this. 

Dressed in a grey robe, the red-haired beauty put her yellow band around her hair as she filmed a get ready with me-style clip while telling the story. 

“I am not pregnant and I have never been pregnant,” she first explained. “But I am able to breastfeed our son and I am going to tell you how.” 

Caitlin went on to gush over the human body, sharing her awe at how “incredible” they are. 

@caitlinandleahsheil continued: “When Leah was 17 weeks pregnant, I contacted a lactation consultant. 


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“She first put me on the pill to help grow cherry tissue and also domperidone, which helps with inducing lactation.”

According to the NHS: “Domperidone is the medicine of choice for lactation stimulation. This is an off-licence indication (licensed for short term relief of nausea and vomiting)”. 

Caitlin went on to explain that she went off the pill eight weeks before their baby’s due date. 

But before taking this step, she had started “hand expressing as I did start producing a little bit of milk”. 

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“This is where I started pumping every three hours, even during the night,” she continued.

“Over time, my milk supply just kept increasing and increasing. Oakley is now three months old and we have completely sustained him on our breast milk. 

“Which is just crazy”. 

People were quick to comment on her informative video as one person wrote: “modern medicine is so fascinating!” [sic] to which Caitlin replied: “it’s incredible!!!” [sic] 

Another person, who is on the same path, shared: “I just started making milk from induced lactation! I’ve never been pregnant either and domperidone was amazing!” 

A third said: “Met a lactation specialist that did this, even her husband was able to successfully produce too”. 

While a fourth wrote: “That’s absolutely amazing really it’s so good that you both can breastfeeding your son xxxxx I can’t believe he is 3 months already”. [sic] 

Caitlin replied: “thank you so much! Yes the town is going so quick”. [sic]

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