I’m plus-size – a troll said I should ‘cover up’ and ‘no one wants to see that’ but I’m rocking lingerie anyway | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman wants people of all sizes to feel comfortable wearing what they want.

Trolls may try their best to tear her down, she says, but she doesn't care.

Mak (@chunkymak), a 21-year-old body positivity influencer, shared a video of herself trying on lingerie with over 140,000 TikTok followers.

A hater told her to wear less revealing clothes and she clapped back, albeit a bit confused.

"You said that I should 'cover up' because 'no one wants to see that,'" she said.

Mak stood in a blue two-piece swimsuit with her hands on her hands, slightly peeved.

"Jealous much? Well, that's rich coming from you," she added.

The influencer may be used to getting comments like that from smaller folks, but was thrown off in this instance receiving hate from someone her own size.

"Thought we were supposed to hype each other up beautiful!" she said.

"Just support and keep unkind thoughts to yourself, also it just confuses me when I'm told to cover up by people my size.

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"Like… are you jealous? Cause you are really making it seem like it!"

People took to the comments to share their words of support: "I've never seen someone with this kind of body except me, thanks for making me feel worthy," said one commenter.

"Seeing you be beautiful makes me realize I'm beautiful."

Others understood her inner dilemma: "In every situation, there's nothing worse than your own 'people' turning on me, like bro you were meant to get it!" said another.

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