I’m plus size but there’s no way I’m covering up my curves on the beach – people might stare but I love a string bikini | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman has insisted she'll never stop wearing a string bikini on the beach – even if she does attract some stares.

Jade is super confident, and regularly shares videos of herself frolicking on the beach on her social media pages.

In the clips, she's always wearing barely-there two-pieces, which do little to hide her curvaceous figure.

And in the caption on a recent video, Jade insisted she won't let any backlash stop her from wearing exactly what she wants.

"I get stares all the time but I just remind myself that I deserve to feel happy and confident in my own skin, just as much as I would if I was thin," she wrote.

"We are literally just bodies here on this planet for much more than what is perceived on the outside.

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"Don't let fear get in the way of living your best life, put on your bikini and slay queen."

Jade also revealed she had faced her "fears of being the fat girl on the beach" over the summer by going to a nudist beach: "It was such a thrill".

People were quick to comment on Jade's video, with many praising her for helping them with their self-confidence.

"Seeing content like this makes me feel happier about my body," one wrote.

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"I don't understand why anyone cares what other people look like. I don't give a hoot," another added.

"You look flipping incredible," a third said.

But, of course, the trolls were out in force as well.

"Bro… u are not sexy," one wrote.

"I would die," another insisted.

"If your belly hides the bits it's time to sort it out," a third commented.

While someone else cruelly said: "This is a perfect example why body shaming and bullying is good."

"Very unhealthy mess," another raged.

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